Internet is the new LSD

Happy Friday beauties! 

Who knew being a computer nerd would one day become so de-rigeur? I have houseguests this week and we are currently all sitting in our respective chairs, stroking our laptops. Maybe it would be more sociable if we could transform our devices into holographic cats. There’s your second million dollars, Jaron Lanier. 

Speaking of actual, real life wizards — when I was in my early 20’s I had the freak luck to meet Timothy Leary, who in the course of a delightful evening switched me on to this emerging phenomenon called the World Wide Web. He was convinced that the internet was the blooming of our collective unconsciousness —in 3-D. His enthusiasm steered my gypsy artist soul down the pixel lined rabbit hole at a time when the counterculture was just beginning to embrace tech. Leary is still having a blast at life’s afterparty: I hear this year he was blazed at Burning Man. I’m always happy to notice his twinkly influence on popular culture, so was chuffed to stumble upon this


In other news: How do you paint a land claim?  Pre-blog niche marketing, and why sometimes a bin really is the place for books. Tunes from Dr. DJ. Mesmer-ized by self-propelled Straandbeests.  Procrastinating on social media for your business? You have no excuse.  How the media created a monster. Trumping the ugly, baby-handed, orange, insult-comic-cum godhead of America. How to get a bikini body. 

Stuff I’m working on: Take a sneak peak at a product every eco jock needs to get hold of. Get your art on with Workshops on the Rock. Check out some fancy promo posters. Get to know this organization, who pair landless farmers with landowners (it’ll all end in carrots). Still a few spots left in this wonderful retreat: message me for special offers. 

Activist & organizing stuffWhose bright idea is Site-C? Oh — these racketeers. On the (genuine) bright side, the good peeps at Moksha Yoga don’t just raise consciousness: this month, they raised thousands and thousands of dollars to fight climate change with their Grow Your Yoga challenge. Looking to meet your neighbours? Don’t miss this years Tour des Iles, coming in June to the grooviest little archipelago in Cascadia. And, if you’re near Vancouver this Saturday — Break Free from fossil fuels. 

Timothy Leary was right: despite it’s distracting, half-baked schmaltziness, this weird worldly web does weave us beautifully together.  Oh brave new world, that has such people as you in it! As we face calamities and heartbreaking cruelty we are also capable of such magnificence. Seek out the impossible. Show up in all your glory, with your apron on, ready to serve. Be the wonderfulness you want to see in the world.

Courage my loves,