Well hello there. Feb 2018 News

It’s been a wee while since my last newsletter and have I got some shares for you. First though, this killer Chrome extension is going to change your life. You’re welcome. Now onto the good stuff:

What in the world: A town who took back their electrical grid. See Dick resist.  Here’s a way to get the government we deserve: support proportional representation. Bothered by racial essentialism? So is Zadie Smith. A sarcastic take on anti-feminist self help. What do you call the movement to unyoke us from our devices?  I propose: distractivism. These Syrians aren’t terrorists: they’re revolutionary feminist ecologists, under siege. Michael Foster is my hero (and he’s in jail until 2019). Get democracy: All hail Resistbot. 

Art + activism: This gorgeous feminist Tarot.  Infographic to help you apply what the Germans call a Gierbremse, or greed brake. Can writing about your secrets make you well? If you consider grammatical correctness to be a virtue, here’s something to hate on. My talented friend Susan Huber has a piece inthis fascinating photography show.  Sacred geometry.  Signs of grandiose cringe-worthiness. Yoga DJs of the world (or just people who like thoughtfully curated soulful tunes) check out the choice selections on YogiTunes.com. Blockchain THIS.

New in Andrea Palframan: completed a fancy-schmancy website for poet and dream analyst Toko-pa.  People have called it ‘perfect’ and ‘dazzling’. Well shucks. I did really polish this one up design-wise, moving this highly gifted writer’s offerings to a fresh platform that allows visitors to see her more in-depth offerings such as workshops, group classes and — no biggie —  a newly released bestselling book! T’was an honour.

Launched a swingy new site for Firebelly, a Vancouver based circus who perform at the Olympics and beyond. Check out the fairy face animation on the contact page ( ;

The ever-exciting Pull Together campaign, to support Indigenous legal challenges to tarsands exports through B.C., has now raised over a million dollars. How?  Kick ass people committing beautiful acts of protection and resistance. Rama Delarosa swam the 100km around Salt Spring Island. Some folks held a drag show, other folks rode their bikes… across the whole damn country. As we await the court ruling, Indigenous leaders are calling on everyone to join Kwekwecnewtxw #ProtectTheInlet on March 10th in Burnaby. This movement is made of love and courage: we need everyone. To join visit https://protecttheinlet.ca

 Little things: Made a sweet new logo for a riverside resort. Stylin’ infographic for RAVEN’s year end. And an elegant site for a grand Salt Spring Island B&B. Did some lobbying at the Washington State legislature with some orcas. And… I went for a dip to bring attention to the plight of wild salmon. In a squid hat and pearls. #goals #gowild4salmon

Thank you for being beautiful and fierce. Thank you for taking time each day to kindle your heart’s flame, and to water your roots. While vast swaths of the planet appear to be slouching towards mayhem, I see people all around me pushing the boundaries of the possible.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of your power. You’ve got this.

Love and sharp (s)words,