Xmas newsletter

We’re having a drop-in party. 

I know my space is small but have you ever seen Dr. Who? That Tardis sure looks bigger on the inside. In celebration of the season I am inviting you to drop into my studio at 128 Hereford (first door on the right, red building by Cafe Talia) on Monday, December 21st between 11 and 5 (ish) for a cup of tea, a little giftie and one of my son’s unbelievably perfect cookies. Mark your calendar & hope you can pop in on solstice in the midst of all those little last minute errands. 



The perfectionists among you will notice that this newsletter is arriving on a Saturday and not the usual Friday. I have a great excuse: for the past year and a bit, I have been working with a kick-ass team on the Pull Together campaign. We’ve been raising funds for First Nations legal challenges to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers project. Well, today we are announcing that we reached our $600,000 goal. The campaign was so special, in so many ways: people all across the province and beyond found wildly creative ways to fundraise and put reconciliation into meaningful action. Salt Spring Islanders were particularly generous, with amazing fundraising by the Only Planet Cabaret, dozens of market vendors, and yoga teachers and studios joining to use “the power of yoga to stop a pipeline”. Read the whole announcement here (and enjoy a fancy infographic by yours truly):



Pull Together is just a piece of a much larger movement that sees indigenous leaders at the front of just about every justice-seeking climate change initiative worldwide. Read this piece to meet some of the movement’s champions.  The dozens of representatives from all regions of Canada who are in Paris pushing for a better climate deal for indigenous people have no doubt influenced Canada to take a strong stance at this year’s COP. I think I may just sew the maple leaf back on my backpack. With just hours left in the negotiations and word of a peaceful, but illegal, street demonstration brewing,  billions of us are holding our breath. This song has gotten me through (click the pic to play): 

Big love beautiful people! Remember remember the 21st of December! Thanks to everyone for all of the ways you step up to help me out, share your  joyful company, and let me jump in on your nifty projects. It is so much fun to talk beauty with you.