Content-is-like-water-1980Never before have Marshall McLuhan’s observations seemed so prescient. “The Medium is the Message”, right now, can be summed up by this little infographic. The content is the water but the vessel you pour it into is highly changeable. You need to take into account the ways various devices where your content appears are influencing user experience. You need to make sure your critical messaging, images, and branding work across platforms when you build and add to your website.

You know your site needs to be responsive and  mobile-friendly— now. If you are not using a responsive Content Management System with a mobile friendly theme, you need a site overhaul. So: why not take this opportunity to do a website renovation while you’re at it? With my special “fresh start” packages, I’ll kit you out with deliciously appealing graphics that point to your crystal clear calls to action. I’ll also design drop-jaw gorgeous headers, buttons and banners that will take your site to the next level.

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Package #1:

You really, really don’t need to spend three months pimping your website before you can start sharing a homepage you are proud of. Like renovating a house, you can add major curb appeal with cinematic, fullwidth video and banners,  gorgeous photography, and simple, reassuring copy that spells out what you do in a heartfelt and convincing way.

Package #2:

Maybe you need an upgrade, or maybe you need an intervention. If your site is plain disorganized, cluttered, and frankly tacky, I offer you the perspective (and ruthlessness) you need to trim the fat, organize your content, and provide flow and usability features. I’ll make beautiful calls to action that will guide your customers exactly where you need them to go. Think of it like Feng Shui for your online home.



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A bit of my story.


As a solopreneur, I’ve been carving out a living and a life for myself doing what I love for over 20 years. No matter what stage you are at in business or organizational development I’ve been where you are, or worked with someone who has.

When I travelled to Africa and came face to face with communities confronting AIDS, I discovered incredible champions who were working tirelessly without recognition or funding. I knew that if only I could tell their stories, and share their achievements, I could help them get the support they needed to take on the huge challenges every single day threw their way.

Inspired by the stories of people on the frontlines and at the grassroots, I made videos, built websites, created and edited newsletters, and set up huge art installations in major cities across Canada to bring attention to the warriors of southern Africa — and raised over $500k (and counting) for their social enterprises.

It urns out, I’ve been using Story Based Strategy my entire career. I was a one-woman creative agency figuring out that people get switched on by relatable, first person storytelling.  Nowadays, there are international organizations and a plethora of boutique agencies that are  dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change.  I’m not alone: but I still trust my instincts to keep my business small, and beautiful. 

To find your tribe and attract the support you need for your vision, you need to marry the strength of data to the power of stories. That’s my niche, and it’s a juicy one.

As a writer and a designer, I bring the head and heart together to serve your highest purpose. My passion is helping people who are making the world a better place so you can reach more people with your special gifts. If you are a force for good in the world, get in touch to find out how you can become more effective by pairing story-based strategy with clean data, delivered with sharp, compelling design.