12920316_530041227120843_8405480061405206041_nWhat’s up beauties? 

Here’s a bit of random muse-ing for your Friday:

I’m inspired by this powerful activist art, this revelation about bluebirds, and thissearch for the wellspring of creativity. Appreciating the perspective of this extremely white person. 

Musing on nudes. Gazing at a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers from the amazing Tali.  Appreciating these gorgeous paintings, one of which graces the homepage of my latest website, Integrative Healing & Wellness.  

Listening to ear candy from Kultiration , Stanley Odd and this song, which should be required listening for insecure teenaged girls the world over. You got the power babies.

Smelling lilacs. Tasting battered ‘leek rings’ from BeNurtured. Eating fresh lettuce from my garden. Appreciating this most beautiful packaging. Sharing things you did not know about rhubarb, “Root of the Barbarians”. 

Here’s where I would give a report of all what I have got up to in my exciting design/communications/activism worlds this past coupla weeks. But darlings, my promotional muscle is plain tuckered out. So can I just celebrate you all, and sing you all? ‘k, thanks, you guys are brilliant. Go you. Craving more substance? Sit down and have yourself big slice of this gal’s pie. 

Hope you all  feel the bejeezus out of your feelings this week.