The upside of absence

Happy Friday beauties!~

Was that a whole month? It’s possible that it’s been 4 weeks since my last newsletter. My excuse is that I’ve been alternately on the road, hunkered down organizing stuff, and obsessing over how to stop a very bad idea from becoming reality. Burnt food is not the only consequence of smokin’ hot creativity!  Between attending Web of Change on Cortes Island (oysters on the beach,  super-geek digital mind-melding, and glorious befriendings), kicking off a new campaign, and helping launch a fleet of boats for the Tour des Iles, I’ve been a cruddy correspondent. Now that I’m on hold with Air Canada (estimated wait time : 40 minutes) I have no excuse. Let’s do this. 

The upside of my e-news slacking is that I’ve got a backlog of bookmarked esoterica to share with you, my lovelies. First, treat yourself to these delightful neologisms—  alternate meanings for commonly used words. Sample: “Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk.”  Want more vocabulary? “Sisu”: a Finnish word for grit, and how it’s presence can be a measure of true happiness.  Parents of toddlers, you need a daily sob, sure, but you could also use a laugh. You thought Gawker was snarky? Meet Wronging Rights. A truly great series of vignettes from modern day weed culture. And here is a rhino who thinks he’s a lamb. 

Above, a teenager from the Phelisanong project in Lesotho, southern Africa: she gots the funk.

More media & design tidbits: Check out this analogue brilliance. These fonts are the bomb. WordPress users: do your users a favour & master categories.  Great lessons from apples. On glamour. The new, new Tegan & Sara.  Trump realism vs. Trump surrealism. Mesmerizing infolding. and…. Plizzanet Earth. 

There have been some rough spots this past month but we’re going to make it, aren’t we? Sometimes art makes it ok. Humans can echolocate. Intricacies abound. And even though a bellowing, marmalade-toned demagogue is mewling and strutting about the stage, we all know Lisa gets to be the President. 

Give yourselves a big hug! Eat some raspberries. And: wherever you are this July 9th, go out and #grabapaddle.