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What I Do

Communications Strategy

I craft compelling narratives and sharp, original campaign materials to incite change and inspire action. Smarten up your marketing & outreach with a mix of  clear data and powerful storytelling.

Graphic Design

You know that what you are doing has the power to change the world. I have the creative juice to take it to the next level. Be visually articulate — with clean, handcrafted & original design.


My innovative website development brings together strategic marketing with lush, delicious design. Get a contemporary, mobile-responsive website that integrates e-commerce, effective calls to action, and online learning systems— simply beautifully.

About Me

I am passionate about saving seeds, lovingly crafted sentences, renewable energy, meandering inquiry, and the moment when talk becomes action. My time is spent as a graphic designer, writer, researcher, and community organizer. 

I hold a  masters degree in Intercultural and International Communication and a post-graduate certificate in Digital & Interactive Design from Emily Carr.  I approach every project as both a social scientist data geek AND as a feelthinking creative artist. I am dedicated to helping  agents of change — non-profits, community-based organizations, and social entrepreneurs —to make the world a better, more beautiful place.      

“This woman is a master of her craft.

She’s part mentor, part creative genius—both artistically and technicially. She is an amazing communicator and a brilliant writer. To top it off (and importantly!) I feel like I have a new friend.”

— Seraphina Capranos,

If you have a case to make, my innovative communication tools will help your audience to get the picture.

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to move hearts and foster action,
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