A fulfilling project for a public health research & development foundation. Their product, NO MO Repellent, out-performs DEET-based mosquito repellents and is changing lives in west Africa where they have begun rolling it out. What I loved about working with NO MO: super-organized and well-researched, with a solid theory of change to back their claims. The challenge? Turning sometimes dry entomological research into a compelling, story-based website. Next steps will be creating popup campaigns around the organization’s goals and inviting public participation through crowdfunding and a possible ‘give one, get one’ model.

On a side note, I used this repellent when I went up to the very buggy Peace River in late spring and was amazed at how effective it was. Smells lovely and non-toxic: this is a total winner. Hoping their new site attracts the eyes of the donor community.