socialmediagraphicturqWant to be the boss of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

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To get the most out of social media for your business, you need someone who can help you strategize, and put that ninja action plan into play. You need help creating platform appropriate micro-campaigns, informed by the latest research.  Join  join successful non-profits and social entrepreneurs who are benefitting from my expertise! I will help you to build your following, pimp your email lists and find new listeners for your unique message.

It’s not enough just to be an amazing therapist/NGO/entrepreneur/coach. It’s also very much NOT enough to have an awesome website (although it helps: check out my “Love Your Website” special here).

You DO need a strategy, but you DONT need a straightjacket. What’s the best thing about social media? It morphs and changes all the time: great for an innovator like you. Worst thing? It morphs and changes all the time: terrible for a busy person with a full plate.

I can help.  Check out my effective social media graphic board here on Pinterest.

Want some of that beauty talking for YOU?

Starting at $150 a month, I offer:

• a monthly strategy session to set priorities, identify new products/services/campaigns, and set up weekly tasks to share news and updates with your followers.

• 3 custom social media graphics tailored to 3 different platforms (usually Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, though it could include Twitter). These also work as blog post illustrations and can be adapted for print and online advertising.

My packages can be expanded to include:

• Scheduled posting on selected social media platforms

• newsletter co-ordination: writing, design & layout, list management

• blog post writing, comment management and lead generation.

Together we make a realistic, balanced plan that we revisit once a month. You’ll stop wasting time on social media and start being effective with your time online: answering queries, responding to comments, and generally buzzing around like the queen bee you know you can be.

Love the sound of this? Let’s work together!

Click here to book a FREE 1/2 hour consultation session to get started flexing social media muscles you don’t even know you have! Email me: